Osteoarthritis Pain Relief

Arthritis ā€“ specifically osteoarthritis also known as “wear and tear” arthritis ā€“ is a sneaky condition. Often progressing slowly, early on the symptoms are subtle, difficult to even notice. Eventually they become more pronounced, more annoying.. and then one-day you suddenly realize that it has become painful to do many simple tasks.

Over 21 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that typically manifests after age 65. In some instances, however , it can affect healthy, young adults in their late 20’s or 30’s. As with many pain-driven diseases that have no known cure, osteoarthritis can be tricky to treat. Vioxx, a popular arthritis pain medication, was recently recalled due to potentially deadly side effects. Other prescription arthritis pain medications will also likely be pulled for similar reasons. Despite these set-backs, there are still some viable, non-addictive options for treating osteoarthritis.

Supplements and diet

Research shows that Omega-3s can lubricate the joints and glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate not only relieve pain, but may actually aid in cartridge renewal.
Strategic joint movement Pain and stiffness is often most acute after not using a joint for a prolonged period of time, so try to use your affected joints every so often. Unfortunately, too much use can also aggravate pain, so you must strike a careful balance. Weight management Obese individuals are four times more likely to develop osteoarthritis because the weight puts additional strain on the joints. Medical research also suggests that the hormonal changes that accompany obesity can accelerate the condition. Arthritis braces and gloves Special arthritis gloves and braces help alleviate hand and wrist pain by applying pressure and controlling joint movement. Cortisone or Hyaluronic acid injections. Cortisone can help decrease inflammation and thus relieve pain. A possible drawback is that overuse may actually further damage the joint, so limit shots to three per year. Hydraluronic acid injections may decrease pain by lubricating the joint for a period of 3 to 5 weeks. Acupuncture Several studies have shown that acupuncture may decrease osteoarthritis symptoms over time. Hot and cold therapy Heat wraps, moist heat therapy pads and ice packs can be used to decrease swelling and blood flow to affected areas and thus control pain. Magnet Therapy Some studies found that magnet therapy may be beneficial for individuals with hip or knee osteoarthritis.

Headache News: All That You Wanted To Know About Headache And Relief

Many times you must have heard people saying, “I have a headache”. This statement is very common these days. In fact each one of us has experienced headache some time in our lives. Some have it frequently; some suffer from severity of the conditions while others show only mild symptoms of the condition. In fact , headache has almost become a normal part of our lives. This is also the reason that most people do not take it seriously. They either have a mug of coffee or pop a pill to reduce the pain. However , it is important to know about the problem in detail, its causes and relief procedures to avoid serious health complications in future.

Headache is the most common health conditions of all. The most common type of headache is headache related to tension. It is surprising but true that about 75-90 percent population on this earth suffers from a tension headache. The headache is characterized by a dull, stable ache that commonly occurs in many areas of the head, scalp, and neck. People also face difficulty in sleeping due to the severity of the pain.

Cluster headaches are also a type of headache. This is not common. It begins very suddenly 2-3 hours after falling asleep. The pain is sharp and recurs. These types can last from thirty to two hours. The pain affects only one side of the head. It occurs in and around an eye. Lying down can make the pain worse.

Migraine headaches are severe. These headaches can last from 6-48 hours. Some of the common symptoms include vomiting, nausea, sensitivity to light/sound, fatigue and loss of appetite.

Main Causes:
Many headaches are just tension related. However , some of these can be a cause of serious illnesses, such as sinus pain, pressure, migraine etc . Getting to the root of the problem can find you relief.

As already discussed, relief from headache is possible only via getting to the root of the problem. Just popping a pill may worsen the condition in future. Sometimes, avoiding a certain type of food may help. There are also other methods of relief that can be followed, such as quitting smoking, staying away from stress, exercising regularly etc . Most importantly, you should allow a medical practitioner to decide on the best relief method for your headache.

Back Pain Relief

Well the movement patterns that many people have during exercise, sport and their daily lives are WRONG and cause increased stress on the spine resulting in premature wear too. Grab A Copy Click

Fix these movement patterns and you’ll remove a lot of the stress going through the system.
Now let’s say you totally neglect your car and keep your tires under or overinflated.
Tires at the wrong pressure will wear out quicker.
This is just like the people with back pain whose deep stabilizer muscles of the core have been shut off and no longer function properly to stabilize the core, forcing the spine to take more stress than it should.
Other muscles then compensate for the deep stabilizers that don’t work and they add even more stress to the spine.
This is just like those of you expecting a strong and stable core but who still do basic exercises while more advanced methods are available, such as Multidimensional core stability training, Dynamic core stability training and Challenge core stability training.
To summarize, address the following 4 factors and you’ll finally free yourself from back pain: Grab A Copy Click

1 . Muscular imbalances and postural dysfunction
2 . Movement patterns in exercise, sport and daily life
3. Proper muscle recruitment and activation patterns
4. Advanced core stability training methods
After reading these concepts, you might be thinking to yourself, “This all sounds so simple, why haven’t I heard about this before?
If you are, I know what exactly how you feel!
The thing is, I never found any single resource or therapist who put every piece of the puzzle together in a way that I could understand and follow…
Plus, I’d never intended to put this program together…
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It was then that I knew I had to put everything I’d learned over 10 years of dealing with back pain and searching for a cure in to an easy to follow, step-by-step program that to help you eliminate your pain for good and avoid all the wasted time and mistakes I made along the way… Grab A Copy Click


Neck Pain Relief

If you are one of the multitude of people who suffer from troublesome neck pain, you have probably arrived here looking for neck pain relief. Neck pain is unfortunately an incredibly common problem, due to the fact that the neck is particularly susceptible to a wide variety of stresses and strains.

The reality is that when we are young, most of are lucky enough to enjoy pain-free times irrespective of our activities. Unfortuntely, as we get older, our necks become, (due to age-related changes), less able to manage our activities. These changes with age, (normal wear and tear) are called osteoarthritis.

Neck pain may start by a wide variety of mechanisms. As well as simple muscle strains, osteoarthritis, herniated intervertebral discs (slipped discs) there are problems which arise as a result of accidents, or a result of a congenital condition. unfortunately, something as simple as poor posture can result in an unhealthy alignment of your neck and spine; consequently, neck pain will be the unavoidable result for most of us in these circumstances.

As we get become older, the aetiology of neck pain can often be traced to the discs between the vertebrae, (the intervertebral discs). These discs inside the neck part of the spine may suffer wear and tear over time as we get older. Neck trouble (and the consequent hope of neck pain relief), may also result from improper head position when sleeping, sitting improperly for lengthy hours, or lifting / pushing heavy objects incorrectly.

The muscle tissue and ligaments from the neck are tough and flexible but like a lot of things, they have their limits. Stretching the neck way too far or twisting it too quickly may well result in strains, sprains, and other injuries to your neck musclesand ligaments. Neck aches and pains upon waking up may perhaps indicate strains which are created overnight by a pillow which is not supportive.

The single most common cause of morning neck pain is poor head and neck position when sleeping. Many people today have poor posture when sleeping, (due commonly to poor pillows and/or a poor mattress). This often results in pain not only whilst we are sleeping, but can often also cause pain which persists throughout the following day. Even when you do something you judge harmless, (such as reading in bed without having a proper pillow), you may be producing short-term neck aches or even more serious longer-term issues.

Neck pain treatment (and consequently neck pain relief) often starts with a good quality orthopaedic mattress and memory foam pillow. Memory foam pillows provide comfortable support and enable one to relax. You are therefore able to have a sound sleep. With their (often hypoallergenic) memory foam, modern pillows offer appropriate anatomical support for the neck and head, thus bringing by far the most restorative experience in neck pain relief.

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