Headache News: All That You Wanted To Know About Headache And Relief

Many times you must have heard people saying, “I have a headache”. This statement is very common these days. In fact each one of us has experienced headache some time in our lives. Some have it frequently; some suffer from severity of the conditions while others show only mild symptoms of the condition. In fact , headache has almost become a normal part of our lives. This is also the reason that most people do not take it seriously. They either have a mug of coffee or pop a pill to reduce the pain. However , it is important to know about the problem in detail, its causes and relief procedures to avoid serious health complications in future.

Headache is the most common health conditions of all. The most common type of headache is headache related to tension. It is surprising but true that about 75-90 percent population on this earth suffers from a tension headache. The headache is characterized by a dull, stable ache that commonly occurs in many areas of the head, scalp, and neck. People also face difficulty in sleeping due to the severity of the pain.

Cluster headaches are also a type of headache. This is not common. It begins very suddenly 2-3 hours after falling asleep. The pain is sharp and recurs. These types can last from thirty to two hours. The pain affects only one side of the head. It occurs in and around an eye. Lying down can make the pain worse.

Migraine headaches are severe. These headaches can last from 6-48 hours. Some of the common symptoms include vomiting, nausea, sensitivity to light/sound, fatigue and loss of appetite.

Main Causes:
Many headaches are just tension related. However , some of these can be a cause of serious illnesses, such as sinus pain, pressure, migraine etc . Getting to the root of the problem can find you relief.

As already discussed, relief from headache is possible only via getting to the root of the problem. Just popping a pill may worsen the condition in future. Sometimes, avoiding a certain type of food may help. There are also other methods of relief that can be followed, such as quitting smoking, staying away from stress, exercising regularly etc . Most importantly, you should allow a medical practitioner to decide on the best relief method for your headache.