Jaw Pain Relief

Are you experiencing some jaw pain? Then you have to read about how to get some relief, continue reading. You are going to have all the answers to your many questions. It is a general problem to experience discomfort in the jaw joint or what in medically appropriate terms is known as the Temporomandibular Joint. Many factors account for the malfunctioning of the joints. All the activities in the mouth are carried out with the help of this joint, these activities include, speaking, chewing, yawning and grinding. The joint connects the lower jaw of our mouth to the temporal bone of the skull. It is located right in front of the ears.

When there is a situation of jaw popping, the person concern undergoes through a lot of pain and at the same time swelling around the area which can easily passes to the head affecting the ears also. So if you are a person that frequently suffers from jaw pain then try to chew chewing gums when there is no pain because this is a good exercise for your jaw when there are no problems, when chewing see into it that you don’t over do it. This is because over chewing results in overworking the muscles which only results in creating tension within the muscles leading to tightening of the jaws. And when you are having jaw problems causing discomfort, it is best not to chew gum.

Get Some Relief

Now is the time for you to rest your jaws, your muscles, joints and also ligaments from the jaw may have move away from the normal alignment. Get up and look for something that might help.

For people who are already suffering from jaw pain the first treatment is for them to abstain from major food that require a lot of chewing or grinding actions. Stay away from very hard or brittle foods that need force to chew them down to a swallow able size. When you do this you will get some jaw relief.

Do not pop your jaw purposely. This is because popping the jaw back in place may seem like an easy “undo” option but if this is a regular habit then it will cause pain eventually.

Another relief option for making the jaw joint functionally healthy is that you may have to perform some pressure applications and also apply some massages at home. Putting pressure on the nerves of the jaw joint located right below the ears and opening and closing the mouth at the same time can help increase its mobility.

Jaw Surgery

Do you have any idea on Jaw Surgery ? It is also called O rthognathic Surgery which is meant for the jaw and the face. In this surgery, the bones of the jaw area are cut and rearrange, this is with the help of plates and screws. Many people still have doubt about this surgery. And they really want to know the actual time it can take the bone to heal after the surgery. The answer to this question depends on the patient responds to the surgery but the actual time for the surgery is from six to eight weeks for initial curative and about three to four months for a full recovery. When this surgery is carried out on you, you will have pain on your jaw immediately after the surgery. During this period, make sure you try to move your jaw side to side in a slow way in order to keep the jaw active.